Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fantasy Update

Hey everyone!
First off, I'd just like to say the published reports about me are untrue...I am NOT three years older than the media guides listed me. I really am 25. Seriously, stop looking at my driver's license and green card. I'm 25. Until I'm traded to Houston. Since the football newsletters were popular but not exactly consistent, I thought I'd try to set up a blog to update this stuff. Maybe make it more fun and more reliably updated. So, without further ado, let's get this thing started!

I'd like to give out two individual awards, Hitter and Pitcher of the Week.

* 1B Lance Berkman, Devil Dogs (Kristen F.) - 3 HR, 8 R, 7 RBI, 1 SB, .391 avg, 1.418 OPS: Berkman narrowly edged out Albert Puhols for the honor, thanks to his edge in runs, stolen bases (!!!) and OPS. Plus, Puhols is dead to me and I'd rather put Greg Maddux here than him. But my irrational hatred nonwithstanding, Berkman had an excellent week. Who knew the Big Puma could be so nimble on the basepaths?? Three steals already? Puma must've learned something from Bagwell after all, since all his thefts have been smart plays, catching the defense off-guard. Good call, sister-o-mine. Might even make up for that Chris Burke-Clemens-Pettitte grab-bag you took in the middle rounds...Did you know this is 2008 and not 2004?

* SP Javier Vazquez, Slimy Sluggers (Cole & Co.) - 2 wins, 17 K, 1.93 ERA, 0.93 WHIP, 10.93 K/9: I don't know what's more impressive, that Vazquez got two wins or that he did it with the White Sox supplying his run support. That's just not a good team. Was there a curse put on the participants of that 2005 World Series? Neither were very good last year. I've liked Javy since he was a Montreal Expo, but he struggled last year along with the rest of that team. Of the White Sox pitchers, I still think he's the best bet to have a good year. Plus, life and your fantasy team are just more entertaining when Ozzie Guillen is prominently involved.

Honorable Mention: Matt Holliday, 10 RBI; Cole Hamels, 2 W, 0.60 ERA, 0.73 WHIP: Holliday put up crazy numbers and was the only hitter with double figure stats last week. Hamels is solid, young, but has never started more than 30 games in a season. Shouldn't be a problem...

Now, onto my Top Hitting and Pitching Fantasy Team of the Week award (THFTW and TPFTW): Stealin' Squirrels, Krissy Coleman nee Vogel. Believe me, I tried. I really did. Can you imagine how unbearable it'll be in the Coleman-Vogel household now that I've named Krissy the best hitting AND pitching team last week?? I'm already tired of hearing about it and it hasn't even posted yet. Good thing we're playing each other this week. Maybe I can knock her down a peg...Seriously, though, Krissy's team was very impressive last week. Dad may have won more games, but Krissy had the most RBIs, the most stolen bases, second most in homers, batting average, OPS, wins, strikeouts, saves, and on top of that, third in runs, ERA and WHIP. That's a pretty good week, not even taking into account her top draft pick, David Wright, hit .227 last week.

We'd like to roll out a Rookie of the Week, but alas, it's a little too early for that. Maybe next post...

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