Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ty Wigginton Memorial All-Stars

A few years ago (when Ty was a rookie), I came up with my own award, given to the new player in MLB with the coolest name. Some of the past winners include: Ambiorix Burgos-2005, Angel Pagan-2006, Kiko Calero-2003 and Wigginton himself in 2002.

This year we have a good crop of choices. Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay) is fun to say, but not really that different since Tony Parker's wife made it so well-known. Callix Crabbe (San Diego) is really weird and fun, but it's a little too harsh. Don't be Crabbe that I didn't pick him (oh, yes he did). Yasuhiko Yabuta (Kansas City) had some real potential. Yabuta he has potential! His last name is almost an adjective...but sadly, he fell short of the award. Ramon Troncoso (Los Angeles Dodgers) and Clete Thomas (Detroit) both almost won because of their last name and first name, respectively, but couldn't pull it all together. Clete Troncoso, though?? A virtual lock. So get on that, whoever is naming babies!

Now that we've gotten through the contenders, let's unveil the 2008 Ty Wigginton Memorial All Star:
Burke Badenhop, Florida
Burke Badenhop. Just say his name. Feel how it rolls off the tongue. Is he a pitcher? Is he a yuppie from an 80's movie played by James Spader? No, he's simply the 2008 Ty Wigginton All-Star. Boo-ya Badenhop, boo-ya.

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