Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Winning Streaks

So the Astros beat the Cardinals today for their sixth straight win, which was highlighted by another home run by Pudge and 5 strong innings from Russ Ortiz. This will no doubt inspire many people to pronounce signing Rodriguez was just what the Astros needed to contend this season. Forget the first 16 losses this spring. They're ready to go!

Except that the starting second baseman Kaz Matsui is batting .105 right now, the starting centerfielder has an on-base percentage lower than his batting average (!!!), and the starting rotation is older than dirt. They may be fine in March, but will they hold up in July?

It's all about managing expectations people. Don't get overly excited by a good stretch but don't think the world is caving in either. The Pudge signing means the Astros should end up at around 80 wins. They get a little lucky? That could be 85. They get a little unlucky? They could be looking at a 90-loss season. So just remember...this is just spring training. It gets real in 12 days.

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